hey I've been checking out this guitar effects processor "Zoom Gfx-3" anyone had any experience with one of these? im thinking of buying one
i suck but THATS OK!

I currently use this... It depends on what style of music you play or which sound you hope to accomplish.. I got mine from my bandmate, since my previous efx unit keeps on breaking down, he sacrificed his gfx3 to me so we could be more "reliable" onstage

It's pretty easy to use, with some very useful parameters you could tweak. amp models are ok, but I don't think they get really close to the ones they model. I also get crackling and hums which I can't seem to get rid of using the noise gate and noise reduction.

On the good side, its very durable, has sturdy construction, and decent tones (clean, soft-clip overdrive and distortion).. I like especially the BG and Hi-Gain distortion type, they seem to emulate Mesa Rectifier and Marshall amps, but I'm no tone guru.. I just listen to artists I know who use those amps, and try to get their sound through this unit.

Hit me back if you have more questions. :-)


War Djo