Hi, i have been sight reading for a while. I can do it pretty well, but I think it is doing me damage. Because now I just sight read all of my songs. I become too lazy now to memorize them, and when I try to...it seems my short term memory is crap when trying to. Should I stop for now and go back to memorizing?
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do both man they're both good for you.

Thats what I am trying to do so far, but it seems memorizing has become very hard.
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Sight reading isn't causing you trouble, laziness is.

Hit the nail on the head.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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How do you sight read???Always wanted to do that....
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That's the same way I was when I played bass clarinet in the school band. I could sight read just fine but I could never memorize anything without putting a lot of effort into it. When I started playing guitar I remembered everything that I played because I wasn't sight reading and I was playing songs that I'd written or listened to a lot.

I'd do both, sight reading is a really useful skill and it sets you apart from a lot of guitarists, especially if you ever want to do session work- then it is a necessity. I wish that I would have kept my sight reading skills up, I can't do it for shit anymore.
EDIT: Wait, are you talking about tabs?
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