I guess i might as well relase our amazingness upon the world. jk we're really not that good.. anyway here's a link to our myspace profile, we're called planned accidents (hey... we USED to be called Crippled Capers-think of it that way...). the newest song is called Todd is Emo, but i have to say myspace is pretty annoying becasue after a while the song quality seems to get worse and worse.. but we made a music video for it and put it on google videos, so if you wanna check it out just type in Todd is Emo and it's the second one down i believe. however, i have to warn you that the video quality is also horrific adn dark, so if you squint and shake your head back and forth and beat yourself in the beck of youir head while watching it, the experience may become better. the song is supposed to be a joke, so feel free to laugh at its lame-ness! we recorded it all on garageband, and im pretty surprised at the quality (of course, the POD xt live helps as well...)

neway check the myspace out here
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Holy SMokes! You guys go to Westside Christian High School? I go to Tualatin High School....and I know a kid that you probably will know that used to go there until this year. PM me.

Anyways, your song is really good. Seriously. It's alot better than most of the high school bands I hear that think that they're the next big thing. I know your song isn't all that serious, but it's good! You guys have talent! Lots! lol