Ok. I'm starting to think about going to music college, and about music college auditions. I'm wondering, how good do I have to sight read to get in to college? As of now I can read simple stuff( give me something simple, like, Black Orpheus difficulty, maybe a little harder, and I could probably read the melody perfect on my first try). I'm practicing it like crazy( basically just reading out of my fakebook).
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Which colleges are you looking at? As long as you can sightread to the point where you are able to at least hack your way through the piece you should be fine. I've heard of musicians before who could really play there instrument and could really practice well, but when it came to sightreading they would REFUSE to play because they weren't confident about it. I would recommend getting some insanely difficult music and try to sight read parts of it. I'm unsure about which guitar pieces would accomplish this. I play drums and know that if any drummer can sightread etudes from "Portraits in Rhythm" by Cirone they will be able to sightread anything.

Just remember, you are going to music college to learn how to play music better. The audition jury will realize this and won't expect you to play everything perfectly. Just show drive & confidence.
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