played guitar for a year or so and am pretty good at finger picking, now joined a band to play bass. finding playing bass with a pick easy but have tried playing with my fingers and cant get it to sound right. why is it that some of the best bass players (flea from chillies and Chris Wolstenholme from muse are personal favorites) always seem to use fingers over pics, what are the pros and cons?
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Its all just a sound difference. Im not sure about speed difference because some people are just better at some things than other. I would advise you to learn both though. Each gives a different sound which would be good for different songs. So learn both.
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Easier to transfer knowledge to other advanced techniques in the long run
Get that "fat" sound
Not sound like a guitarist playing bass, but a bassist playing bass
Looks cooler


Fingers are really the way to go. Don't be afraid to play pick sometimes, but I don't recommend you swear by it.

You might get better and more responses in the Bass forum.

fingers - bassier sound, easy double-stops, can play slap/pop stuff

pick - more attack, consistent tone, easier to play faster (i can play faster with my fingers.. but its easier with a pick.)

and if you do end up choosing a pick. emulate Chris Squire, the best bassist to ever use a pick.
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