Hey, I'm really not too good with computers, and I'm currently having a problem with mine, and like to ask for some help.

For some reason, I can't log into AOL or AIM on my comp; both get to the "Connecting..." phase and just stop. I've tried different names, and get the same result. On the off-chance that either DOES connect, they disconnect 5-10 minutes later, and the cycle repeats. I also have Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger on here, and both of those work without a problem, also, Internet Explorer works (which is what I'm on now.) This just started today; I've done virus scans (had a few) and cleared them off, but still nothing. Late last night, while (I thought) MSN was messing up ('cos it kept disconnecting a video call, turns out, it was the person I was talking to's internet connection.) I got a pop-up from McAfee saying MSN is requesting server access, I accidentally clicked "Grant Server Access" instead of "Restrict to Outbound Access." Could this have something to do with my problem now? I was on the computer today, but didn't start having any problems until around 6ish, maybe? So that's a 16 hour difference in time.

Anyway, so does any have any clue what could be wrong, and how to fix it? I don't think it's an internet problem, 'cos I'm on the internet right now, it's just an issue with those two programs. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I just saw some guy a few posts down had the same problem with AIM. Does anyone else have it?
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sounds like it's a problem on their end. happens every now and then with msn when the servers are crappin out. just wait it out, should be working in a few hours or less.
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temporarily disable all antivirus and firewalls, if it works then then troubleshoot from there. If the problem persists reenable everything, then right click on the aol taskbar icon and go to "one click fixes" then delete acs database, when you go to reconnect, you'll have to create a new connection, but usually that fixes just about any problem I've ever had, if that doesn't work, try a different modem driver or another one click fix.
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