I've been playing for the past six years and for a while I would write a song a day. Now a days I'm lucky enough to play once a week. Not because I'm busy, but because I have no longing to do so. I have loads of inspiration but I'm not applying any of it. What should I do bring back the fire?
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take a break, or try to play a style you don't normally play maybe.
Speed or Cocaine.

Kidding, Of course I'd never recommend drugs. : ).

New style, Honestly, New gear helps.
Sell a guitar, Get a new one with some nifty stuff.
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Try bass, sell a guitar and get new equipment, or get your ass on stage!

Floyd or Clapton?? you can only choose one!
or just stop whacking off all the time?
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I had the same problem not too long ago. i don't see how new gear could reignite a fire inside but even if it did that seems dumb honestly. anyway, i realized that the reason i lost interest was because i stopped pushing myself. i was playing the same songs for a half hour and that was it. so i decided to concentrate on improving my playing and i quickly became 10 times more motivated than ever before. so look for areas of your playing you arent happy with and start practicing. good luck and i hope this helps
I agree with Rage. Look at songs you wouldn't normally think of playing, or harder songs. Learn a new technique. try and invent a new technique. Look at players of different instruments and see how you can apply a way they play to the guitar (the bassist Billy Sheehan did that with tapping octaves like a piano player, and with emulating a flamenco style sound on the bass, inspired by Paulo de Luca).

Take songs from different instruments and transcribe them for guitar. I've done that with guitar and orchestral parts for the bass. It not only challenges your skills as a player, but as a composer as well.

Try and get a gig. No matter how down I am, playing in front of people always picks me up.

Good luck rekindling that flame, we all get that at some point in our musical lives.
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listen to some Pink Floyd, they always get me pumped!!!

Speaking of getting pumped, I just LOVE this new Fall Out Boy song!

Just kidding...

Play a different genre, listen to different music, new gear, weird gear,
Go looking for a new artist to listen to. Find someone who isnpires you, but isn't totally inside your box. Spend a few days listening to them and you might find you're back on the horse.
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in order try:-

new artists/genres
new instruments
new band
new gear
new drugs
split up with your girlfriend (for the blues lol)
take up cake decoration
kill yourself
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in order try:-

new artists/genres
new instruments
new band
new gear
new drugs
split up with your girlfriend (for the blues lol)
take up cake decoration
kill yourself

Go to a gig. Nothing gets me more excited about music than seeing other people play.
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Try another instrument a bit. Keyboard and bass are always good.

I definitely recommend this.

If you're mostly an electric player; turn off the amp and unplug the guitar. Then go grab yourself a nice acoustic. You'd be amazed at how inspiring the sound of a beautiful acoustic is.

I also suggest experimenting with tunings, capos, slides. All of them can open new little worlds of fun.
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