this is going to be my second guitar. i have played the same 70 dollar guitar for about 4 years and i have played like 1 other guitar. will it really matter is i get a Ibanez RG350MDX ($399.99) instead of saving up for a Jackson DK2M Dinky ($629.99). i play grunge, thrash, black, death, and punk. i have a marshall MG50DFX got it 2 months ago to see if it was my amp but its the guitar

Jackson DK2M Dinky

Ibanez RG350MDX
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imo the jackson has the better overall value, but the 350 would be fine if it's what you like, and the Edge III trem is not as bad as people say it is, it works fine for me, and holds it's tune
the amp isn't the greatest, But both of those guitars are great. If I was in your shoes, I'd save. But, Budjets are sucky. Do what your EAR Tells you, Don't listen to us.
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