A death metal song once again by me, please crit or just comment...dont flame the death metal cause i really dont care and as the growling comes in keep corpsegrinder of cannible corpse in mind, i sound alot like him the cap letters are like shrieked like he does it, and i am currently working on a Guitar pro for the music

The clock that keep on ticking
(Give it a swedish accent for this part to add to the metalness, this is just spoken its inspired by emperors eruption song yes i know thats black metal)

(some haunting piano)

The demons wade in the pools of blood
created by there forefathers
There tainted hearts eating away from the inside

There darkened souls come into view as everything fades away
Then the world turned to ash and death walked over us all

(piano fades as guitar blasts some riffage before a short bass solo, growl)

Corruption, living in wastes of our dark desires
And pain, writhing forth for our internal flames
With Curses, that shall haunt your grave

4000 demons standing in line
Awaiting his soul
as the clock the clock strikes nine

Tainted blood dripping from there mouths
The clock chimes twelve
As bodies burn in mounds

But the one man rode
through the flames
Digging a hole
for his grave

They arrive in hordes
his skin they devour
As the clock striked three
The demonic hour

Along they went
As the prophecy full filled
Hell hath no regret
As the soul they did steal

Thanks for reading thats all, please comment
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Not bad, but every clock keeps on ticking. And there is only one clock. The one that keeps track of time. But every clock doesnt tick. But if it did, it would keep on ticking. Besides the title, very good. Haraaaaaaaaaah!

im sorry.
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pretty good. like the theme. but all death metal songs r like that. thats a good thing.