i remember the video for this song i used to love when i was about 10... im 20 now so it about a 10 year old song. anyway... i dont rember any of the words or the bands name, but for some reason adema, spineshank, and oleander pop into mind. the video goes like this... this chick is sitting out in this concrete park with a skateboard and then alll these dudes show up so she leaves, she goes home and gets yelled at and so she runs away... she runs into some creepy stranger dude... then somthing else happens... finaly she ends up at this concert and she smiles and is happy they rock out end of video. i also rember the video being "green"... like i mean it had a green tint to it... know the song? or band?

EDIT: yup never mind sorry... found it.... are you there by oleander...