well, i just strung my guitar with some no name 10 guage strings. I was stretching out the high e and it broke. I only have 9s laying around.will it be okay to just have a 9 guage high e with 10 guage strings.
should be fine, i got 11 gauges on right now, but since my high e-string broke i have a 13 on the high E, it's a lot easier to bend than i thought, w/e i got used to it, anywayz, yeah, should be fine, but i could be wrong
It's alright, It won't cause anythign adverse to your guitar. It will ( However ) have a weird effect on your tone. That High E string is going to sound weak compared to the .10. AND, I used to play on barbed wire, And that E isn't the mean string. It's the first two steels, AND IT HURTS. Bad. In standard tuning. It's a nightmare, But it does sound awesome. FAT JANGLE!
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String breaking - It's an epidemic. It happens, Man. MORE SO WITH NINES! Do what I do, and buy ungodly amounts of strings AND SAVE YOUR OLD ONES.
Blessed be he who sat on the bee, For he shall rise again!
Just put them on RIGHT. It sounds like you're stretching and winding wrong. Don't stack winds, Make sure your bridge isn't sharp. Hell, Go down a half or full step on tuning.
Blessed be he who sat on the bee, For he shall rise again!
I have 'em a half step down. I string my guitars all the time. I don't know what the problem is.
I would just pull up on the strings with the fingers give them a tug and tune up... Do it about 5-6 times until the tunings hold.
Dont stretch it so much. put it on and leave it. tune it 1/2 step down or a full step down. it will stretch overnight. then tomorrow check the tuning on it and all of your strings for that matter. stretching or not, they should all have changed a little, especially the high e. tune them up again and try tuning to standard but dont actually put it in tune. set all the strings a little flat. then about an hour later, theyll have stretched a bit. then tune them however your little heart desires. that is the slow but sure way to restring and tune a guitar. also, next time get some decent strings.
Check the bridge and nut as well

You might have a burr thats breaking the string at the bridge.
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yeah like i said. decent strings. like d'addario or elixer.
Or even at the nut. Where exactly is the string breaking? When I was much younger, I broke a number of strings by cranking down to hard on the locking nut. Because of the design of the nut it would pinch and break the plain strings if i tightened it too much.