Hi guys , ive been trying to find a way to replicated a certain "far-away" effect but i cant seem to find out how to do it. Is there any type of pedal that can help? volume maybe?

an example of it is the intro to "Without Sight" by Destroy The Runner , link to myspace here and i believe that in the middle of "Elegy" by As I Lay Dying , they have the same effect , sounds like a radio in the distance..

any help?
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volume knob

just turn it down for the "far away" stuff
and then turn it up for the close stuff

best example (that ive heard) would be "best of you" - foo fighters


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Reverb gives that echoing effect, like yelling across a big room, so that might work for it.
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i think i know what part your talkin about in elegy, its not anything to do with the guitars volume just the bass of the amp, what you do is turn down the bass on your amp until you get to where you want it to be.
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Hmm...turning down the volume knob doesn't do anything but lower the signal of the pickups (ie: if u have distortion on, as you turn it down u get a weaker signal to distort and will make it sound almost like just overdrive....basically the amount/power of the signals cought by the pickups is lowered). I say reverb would do the trick since a volume pedal will only change the volume of the sound.
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That's verb. Get you a Boss Verb pedal or if you want to go all out, an electro harmonix pedal. Fender REverb - Of course - Is about as high as that can go, up there with Lexicon as well.
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