It's absolutely terrible, very offtime, played poorly, everything done in one take, all completely improvised (except for harmonies) and nothing planned ahead of time. It was originally for a topic about this guy who wanted to know how to use Phygrian, with powerchords, so I thought 'well, **** it'. And so I recorded some completely random powerchords. Then a melody or two.


But wow, as bad as that is, I enjoyed the hell out of doing it. All the harmonies, those harmonics, etc.... Probably has some potential if I would put even a bit of actual thought into it now.

But yeah, that's all I wanted to say!
Yeah, I can hear the potential. The harmonies are very cool. Listen back and work on it, man. Try and put a drum track down before you record anything. Even just starting with a basic rock beat on loop. That will really help you play in time. Also, much easier than playing to a click.

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dude yeah man recording is great! i just bought a pro tools recording package and ive been ahvin a ton of fun with it.

i think your stuff definetly has potential. now just try adding more instruments to it. record two or three more guitars playing different rhythms and stuff. yknow. just go crazy with it. and of course drums and bass, then thatd be a kickass song.

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