The Get Up Kids, man that's going back some years. 'Something to write home about' was an absolute classic back when that came out. Might shove that on now actually, cheers.
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they're such an underrated band.
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

emos forever
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whats there best album

Probably Something To Write Home About but Four Minute Mile is right up by it. Check out the songs

Shorty- 4 minute mile
No Love-4 minute mile
Mass Pike-red letter day ep
On With The Show- eudora
I'm A Loner Dottie A Rebel-Something to write home about
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I'm A Loner Dottie A Rebel-Something to write home about

That's got to be my favorite song by them.
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Alk hit the nail on the head there.
They've got a good deal of talent. I don't listen to them much, but when I do, I enjoy it quite a bit.
To be honest i haven't really gotten into the new amsterdams as much as the get up kids. But definitely worth a listen if you a big get up kids fan.
I haven't bothered listened to them at all. I heard a couple songs awhile ago. Is the lead singer(I can't think of his name now, Jim?) in it? Or is it also the one that sings in blackpool lights.

alsoooo has anyone heard The Terrible Twos?
my favorite album is on a wire but it doesnt seem to have been mentioned, great band. didnt really know about most of the side projects everyones talkin about but I will be checking them out sometime in the near future.
Been listening to Four Minute Mile for about a week straight now, they just pop up on my ipod every now and then and I just chill while doing my homework.
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I've always wondered why four minute mile was such a rocky album, and then they come out with all this piano and stuff...not that its bad, I heart the get up kids.

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