Here's the deal. I need some songs with pretty nice sounding solos, maybe some awesome rhythm riffs as well. Or both. Fat sounding bass would be a plus as well, me and my roommate are trying to find some sweet songs to play now that we're getting better.

Anyway, my skill level is probably around that required to play the song Peace of Mind by Boston. I can't nail all the notes 100%, the high ones give me trouble on my Epi SG, so any songs that stay mostly below the 17th-19th fret would be a plus. I can play higher than that fine on better guitars, just... ugh, I don't even wanna get into it. But yeah, for the most part I have that song down. That's where I stand on the skill ladder.

The sound of the songs I'm looking for are mostly.. IDK, classic rock mainly I guess. Anything mid/high gain classic rock would be nice, or even 80s/90s songs. Hell, anything that's good really.

So yeah, TIA for any suggestions.
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