If you get a chance, check out my two new songs "The End" and "So Cold" at myspace.com/thornkill.

"So Cold" is a Daftpunk-like beat with a cool guitar solo at the end

"The End" is a piano song inspired by Bowie's "Five Years." If I ever make an album, I would like this to be the first track on the album.

Please let me know what you think of these songs. Also if you have any music you would like me to criticize, please show me!
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So Cold is cool, it is very Daft Punk like you mentioned. It's very minimal, and in a good way I think. The solo was good but could be better. Maybe mess around with a different mode? I don't know. It fit the song, but it could have been better in my mind.

The End was good all around. You have a good voice, which was kind of covered up by the effects in So Cold.

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