Well... who wants to? Like, just common progression formulas, and whatever else i need to know for basic progression theory. I know some very basic theory. please?

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The little charts by uberfag in the cadence link are handy for starting. Just for starting, though.
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Hey nightwind, i appriciate the help, but if i wanted to read a book/web page, i would have just looked it up. I want someone to explain it to me, and that is why i asked on a forum full of people who have nothing better to do than explain progression theory to me. So, seriously, thanks for the links, i appriciate it, but i would like if someone would explain it to me, kinda an internactive teacher sort of deal. yea? thanks

EDIT: I'm looking for something like ii-III-V and things like that.

12manyEDITs: What are cadences? I'm looking through that thread, but it would be nice for someone to EXPLAIN please
If you want to jam in/around Mooresville NC message me.
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I think this thread is there for a reason but i'm not sure????
If you dont read a webpage then y are you here. Isn't
this a web page???? j/k i know what you ment

But anyways Go to the sticky and scroll down to the little chord section and click on the link about progression theory labeled "Theory behind chord progressions"

Its would be know different if i were to post the exact same info in this thread. So just read that and then come back here with your questions and we'll be glad to help you!!!!!

Edit: Cadence's... i posted a thread asking about them yesterday and all i got was a link. Its a very very simple concept i would explain but i dont have much time. But if you want i can explain when i get home
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