i want the NON-pulp fiction version.... does anyone know where a tab for it is, preferably on guitar pro because i need like 3 certain riffs from it.... the pulp fiction version is just a clip basically.. those who play guitar hero 2 understand...
Well geez if it's not on this very site then i doubt it's anywhere. Did you even check here?
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holy shit no ididnt, i didnt even relize there was tabs on this site!!!!!!! **** ya i did and didnt find it at all.... only pulp fiction versions
The original and the one on Pulp Fiction are the same, aren't they?
no, original is longer. pulp fiction is basically a clip of it.... as i said the guitar hero version is longer
the original starts off like pulp fiction but ha more to the song, and it doesnt even ahve the pulp fiction part until near the end. i cant tell you duration.... i could try and find the guitar hero 2 mp3 of it
^ All right.

I personally haven't heard any "Pulp Fiction part" at the end - maybe I only have the original
Well, it has a trumpet melody...

(so, no - it's not all guitar)
Doesn't Guitar Hero make up bits of songs?
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The guitar hero version of the song is completely and totally different, it was made specifically for the game. The tabs on this site are correct, and the pulp fiction version is not a version at all, that's the real song.

However. it would be pretty damn cool if someone did take the time to tab out the way it's done in GH.
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Doesn't Guitar Hero make up bits of songs?

In some songs on Guitar Hero (GH2 at least) they'll change the tempo a bit and change some parts. Especially noticeable in the song "Woman" by Wolfmother's solo.
Man that versions completely different, but I like it alot. Would be awesome if someone could tab it out.
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