Anyone who read my vintage amp post i made a couple days ago.... well i figured out im leaning towards the silvertone side...

Primarily the 1485.......

You guys heard the difference between the 1484 and 1485... i know the 85 is a way more powerful amp.....

Im keeping an eye on ebay for them, there are plenty of quality 1484's, but no 1485's yet.

Any words from the wise.... im still a noob
Tonewise, they're going to be extremely similar. The 1484 runs two 6L6GC's, which means it's probably putting out somewhere around 60W. I doubt you'll need any more power than that. A big difference in the volume of the two amps might be that the '85 came with a 6x10 cab, while the '94 came with a more conventional 2x12.

I haven't heard the '85 live, but I have heard the '84 and loved it. Very similar clean tone to my '82, which is why I'd suspect more of the same from the '85.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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