Really dont know what genre you would classify it - its a monster of a composition in terms of layers (for me anyway) as it has 49 layers of recording..and thats just me..no band or anything (yet)


and click on "She'll Wait For You"

My only request is that you wait for the chorus to kick in..then you can turn it off if you wish

Hope you enjoy.
really nice recording man, i dig the harmonies.
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wow, you have a very very nice voice. its not often that someone comes on UG with vocals that are genuinely, well, good. those vocal harmonies are excellent, i especially like the layer in the chorus that seems to jump out on the word "wait". nice lead work around 2:55 and through the outro, and the rhythm was also solid throughout. im definitely a fan here, keep it up.
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mmmm warm harmonies. Gotta love them.

get a pop filter (or stick some tights over your mic). There's a lot of unwanted sounds in there... but the actual song is beautiful. I like what you've done with the acoustic, it's very tasteful. The ending is really good. I'd like to download this, it's a keeper. (don't really see why it needs 49 layers!!???)

If you want to hear some other acoustic stuff, listen to my new song:: in my sig.

Thx for the positive feedback - does mean alot.

Just curious, what 'genre' you think it is.. I honestly have no idea how to classify "my style" of music as..
Sounds very beautiful, as eveyone has said, nice harmoies, perhaps a little more reverb on the vox.

The guitar sounds nice but as someone has metioned, theres a kind of popping sound when you srum the acoustic.

The Acoustic harmonies sound really beautiful too. Here comes that deep thumping sound again, is it from strumming the acoustic or have you done that for percussive effect? Eithere way it doesn't sound too good.

As for your genre.. well, I don't know, Acoustic rock? I've heard bands of many different genre's produce songs in this vein....

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Sounds really nice

I think you should buy a bongo drum or something; it'd fit perfectly.

EDIT: It does sound like you have a little bass drum playing at some points; although it sounds weird. I like the idea though.
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haha the "thumping" is me purposely thumping the guitar...its the best percussive sound i can make without actually buying a proper instrument lol wanted to make the chorus as powerful as possible so figured a deep thump would help...but yes i definately need to buy something proper.