Does anyone agree with me when I say that every new show that comedy central makes is generally unfunny. I just watched the new one about the convicts in some house, "far from home" or something like that. Anyway is wasn't funny at all and that goes for the other new shows like The Naked Trcuker and T Bone one and the Sarah Silverman program. The only shows I like on Comedy Central right now is South Park, Daily Show/Colbert Report and the stand up comedy.
they show some good movies sometimes but i never really watched the shows...
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silverman show is ok, but you are right about the rest.
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naked trucker just plain SUCKS.
just acknowledgeing t bone's exsistence angers me.
sarah silverman program is sort of funny...
Yeah I agree with you, although the Sarah Silverman Program does have its moments.

The Naked Trucker and T-Bone show is quite possible the dumbest show ever.
I've only seen a couple minutes of Naked Trucker. I had to turn it, it was too bad.
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South Park rules!
But that Sarah Silverman Program is total crap and I don't want to watch that Naked Trucker thing.
everything but the trucker show is still alright to me, but daily show, colbert report, southpark and standup have always been its stars.
None of the other stuff has ever been THAT incredible.
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I never liked Comedy Central except for the stand up they showed every now and then
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i only watch Reno 911, South Park, Daily Show, Colbert Report, and some of the movies they have on. ive watched the new show with Sarah Silverman a few times. its ok. i mean, it has Brian Posehn, who is pretty cool.

oh, and if i see a stand-up show with someone i like, i watch that.
I like Scrubs, I think thats what its called.
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i love scrubs, the daily show, the colbert report, blue collar, and the stand-up but the rest suck. im also sick of the movies they show all day long for months in a row.
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I the Sarah Silverman show.

Halfway Home sucked.

Naked Trucker and T-Bone sucks really hard, and I think it's gonna get cancelled.

I'm not a big fan of scrubs, but it's pretty funny for a sitcom, even if it's not an original.

Blue Collar TV honestly makes me angry. I just want to punch that ****ing hick with the sleevless flannel in the face.

Despite all this, South Park makes up for it, and more.
I f'n love the Sarah Silverman Program, I'd do her ] =
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I agree with threadstarter. But I also think part of the problem is that they keep giving mediocre comedians there own show. You have to be a "super-comedian" to make a sucessful "own show", in my opinion. Sarah and Carlos were not bad stand up acts, but once they got their own shows they totally sucked ass. I however thought that Chapelles show was well done. South Park is good, but it just keeps getting more and more crued. It's like they've stopped focusing on comedy and decided shock value is more important...Seems like there is still at least one or two really funny episodes per season.

The Daily show and Colbert are still fun to watch, but I've seen the same episode played like 5 times in the same day. That gets annoying.

My favorite program that CC airs these days, by far is the Mad TV reruns. And of course, some of the stand up acts are very good as well.
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Scrubs saved Comedy Central for me.
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the only good shows on Comedy Central are Southpark...and Scrubs...which isnt even officially on CC

its re-runs...
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oh and Colbert...

what a champ....

i officially give props to any man who has his own Ben And Jerry's Flavor
besides dave mathews, what a tool
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Silverman Program is probably my favorite of the newer shows. Naked Trucker and Tbone is retarded but they still have South Park, Comedy Central Presents..., The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report so they're still pretty good.
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The Naked Trucker and T-Bone show is quite possible the dumbest show ever.

Someone hasn't seen "Blue Collar Comedy"

That is the worst thing ever created... ever.
South Park Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks... Tbones and Silverman are way funnier
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Southpark sucks. The new shows suck. All I watch on CC right now is Cobert/ Daily Show, movies and Mad tv reruns. Oh and Scrubs reruns.
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