Would this be a good setup for a kid whos 15 and just started playing at like open mike nights around town in front of like 50 people at a time.....

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I have some of that(SG and Behringer), I'm looking to purchase the rest, I want the Ibanez for a back up with a trem bar for around that price(150-200 USD)...remember, I'm on a 15 year old's budget....I play like AC DC, Cream, and GNR, stuff like that, I've even played some Sublime
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for 15, it's fine
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you deffinately posted this thread earlier today....
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Check out the GFS pickups from guitar fetish instead of buying the vastly overpriced Gibson pickups.
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except behringer amps are all garbage.. your better of getting a peavey valveking.. or a bandit
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For your age, Man, That's great. When I started about around there, I was playing GnR And Poison on a classical acoustic/electric guitar plugged in to a Marshall 3005 Twelve watt lead. =D Be happy, Man. And rock on.
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Everything's fine except pickups - you don't need them, just get a better amp. Valveking, Laney VC15, Valve Jr...they'd all suit your styles brilliantly, maybe get an OD pedal as well in case you need some extra dirt though.
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