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Conan O'Brien
17 74%
Jay Leno
2 9%
David Letterman
4 17%
Voters: 23.
I like Conan the best Jay is classic but Conan is always hyper and just funnier to me because he has an odd sense of humor.

I like polls, you may have noticed..
The other guys take themselves seriously, but Conan doesn't. He's always making fun of himself, and the skits and production seem like they were done by High School kids

All in all, Conan is the sharpest and the best at doing the smartest dumb comedy.

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Poor advice.
craig ferguson!
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Where the **** is Craig Ferguson in that poll? He's the best of them all!
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rbmason speaks the truth
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i said it was the greatest movie of all time not the greatest comedy of all time......idiot....

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1. Easily Conan
2. Leno's ok
3. Letterman isn't funny at all
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conan visited here in kuwait recently, prolly like 2 months ago.
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Lettermans overall unfunniness is what makes the show funny. And the one time they had the game "Trump Or Monkey"
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Granted, he's "Late Late Night" and not "Late Night" per se, but still, he's better than all those other guys.