yesterday on a Sydney Newspaper [mX newspaper] there was an article about some of the notable band names and how they got the names. They also had a few examples in different catagories.

Most Fitting
The Supremes
Manic Street Preachers
Bad Religion

Most Ammusing
Pop Will Eat Itself
The Flying Burrito Brothers
Queens of the Stone Age
The Flaming Lips

Most Offensive
The Dead Kennedys
W.A.S.P. [We Are Sexual Perverts]
Scissor Sisters
Dead Milkmen

Most Woeful
Limp Bizkit
Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark
The The

The Greatest
Smashing Pumpkins
Led Zeppelin
The Who
Jane's Addiction

Tell us some of your reccomendations. Also may be perhaps even Album Titles as well
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Best Album title IMO is "Dark Side of the Moon". So effing mystical.

What about Disraeli Gears, it's Cream's second album.
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Caress of Steel is an awesome album name. and for band names...Hawkwind.

and the Magic Band. well it's actually Captain Beefheart and His Magic. his magic is the band.

well there is the obvious

Greatest:Iron Maiden

Cool Album Title:Welcome To My Nightmare (Alice Cooper)
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