They had a song on the Relapse Records compilation that came with my Suffocation CD.
Thought it was pretty cool. Has a very post-hardcore/post-metal kind of sound to it.
Anyone know more about the band or have any of their CD's? Worth buying?
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They're listed in the topic of bands to avoid posting here, but since I'm a fan of theres I'll help you out.

You likely heard a track from their Relapse release "Chronoclast". I suggest checking that album out first. It's a solid metalcore record based around a musical and lyrical theme rather than trying to write the heaviest most repetitive breakdowns in existence.

You might also want to check out their album entitled "Suspect Symmetry". It's got some solid tracks and some nice breakdowns if you're into that stuff. It has a similar feeling to Chronoclast (well, the other way around really as SS was released a good 3 years earlier) in terms of general song structure and riffing.

If you ever have the chance to see them live, DO IT. They're absolutely phenomenal, usually playing Chronoclast front-to-back these days.
Never bothered checking the list considering these guys are pretty untypical metalcore. Thanks for the help though.
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