ok so i did some searching on here but didnt find everything i wanted

so im looking at the 30 watt combo and the 50 watt combo which has dsp fx
the 50 watt is only $100 more
the 30 watt is $700 and the 50 is $800 (thats all in canadian, so i little bit less in US)

first, is this series good? billy gibbons uses the 50's, so it must be decent
second, is the 50 watt and fx worth the extra hundred? my one concern is that i wont be able to crank it and get that nice tube sound without it being crazy loud

what do u think?
I bought the V16 for my son. Nice amp. The V32 is a two channel amp with plenty of power. Personally, I don't need much more in features than that. I think your concerns about ever getting tube saturation from the 50W model are valid, but I can't tell you anything about the on board effects because I've never tried 'em.

Not being a fan of on board effects, and content with 30W, I'd probably stick with the V32. Maybe look to get the head and 2x12 cab version if you've got the money.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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isnt that the Palimno... or the pal..... somthing series??? i think thats different.
i meant this series:

anybody here own one of these? or hav played them or whatever? thanx
^There's the V series, the V series II, and then there's the Palominos, which are basically dressed-up V-series that are a tiny bit less gainy. I myself have a Palomino 50, and I tried the V50 when I was at Guitar Center last. Great amp, although it gets insanely loud. I'd definitely say the V32 would be the better idea. The onboard effects on the 50 aren't that amazing, but they can get the job done, and I think they aren't that much worth it.