... by alter i mean somehow make it so it takes a wider(larger angle) step to change the tone.

It seems like all the change happens in a small angle of movement and its kind of hard to handle. Is there a way i could open it up and maybe make the tension stronger or spread out the effect?

if that makes sense to you
das right, that sounds like a pot problem, but if ya dont wanna dish out for one or w/e or maybe wanna avoid soldering, maybe put in bigger gears... but i think this would be wayyy trickier than changing pots
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but yeah, on the topic, possibly a change in the pot size to get a wider range. *shrugs*
A new pot will cost roughly 50p, install the new pot, if it makes it better, wahey, if it doesn't, oh well, it's only 50p
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^ + 1 Unless you're going from 100k to 200k or 470k... I could be wrong though.

To increase sweep either cut the rubber stoppers on the wah to allow more travel, or replace the sweep caps.

^^ A regular potentiometer will work, but when you think about how many times you turn a wah pot compared to how many times you turn a regular pot for a pedal, I think it would be best to get a real wah pot for durability sake.... otherwise you'll be constantly changing out the pot.
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Yeah, so do I... I never read/found what a higher value pot does either, so I was just assuming... like I said I could be wrong. I wouldn't mind trying out different values but wah pots are a little expensive IMO.

Here are some good articles to read.


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