k well theres never piano "tabs", but i was looking for some piano, music, like standard notation... in several songs, both guitar pro and power tab they didnt have the piano parts! if you were wondering i was looking for crossfire -SRV, the house is rockin- also SRV, and just to see if it was there, Takin' care of business - BTO. But even that wasn't there! (the piano parts for those songs). For most people if they wanted to cover these they would need a pianist, and sometimes if your a beginner (me) and a guitar player, or just not a piano player, (also me), its going to take too long to get your pianist those parts yourself.

sorry if someone else said something similar before me, but im new here.

so finally getting to the point, if anyone can play the piano, or knows these parts, can they put them up?
also parts for any other songs, im sure there are others people are looking for.

also if this is for copyright reasons im sorry, not familiar with those laws.

You see, most of the people tabbing are guitarists and don't know shit about the piano, so they don't tab it.

I could never make heads or tales of piano tab anyway.

i've seen songs with piano added into the tab, usually only on guitar pro. but there's no such thing as a piano "tab" it's just guitar tabs, that go up to like 55 and have a piano sound from the built in synth program.
try to look for midi files and fine a notation program like MIDInotate comoser, that's what i do, musicnotes.com has a bunch of stuff on SRV, but you gotta buy it (not too expensive) or settle for a one page sample
well a lot of power tabs, or guitar pro tabs have piano or keyboard parts, just not maybe songs you know