I just got a tube head and i wont have the cab for a few days, and i know you can ruin a amp by turning it on without a cab attatched, but it has a line out/headphone port, so would it be ok to plug in headphones to play untill i get the cab or is that bad also.
it dpepends on how the circuit is set up, but i would refrain from foing that, because if the power tubes turn on with no load they have a chance of becoming damaged.
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unless you have a "headphone out" jack, you'll most likely blow up the output transformer, which is more $$ than a tube...
that would be devestating. if you dont want to always use your cab, you can by a do dad from weber speakers that has a dummy load so you dont need a cab.
Once I get my cab I will always use it, thats what a amps for after all right? I just wanted to hear it but I can wait untill the cab arrives here.
o. well headphones are nice if you cant be loud. and dragging around a head wouldnt be too bad, but carryig a cab around with you wouldnt be nice if you just wanted to take it to another room in your house. its always an idea.
Ive got a valveking 112 i can carry to places if i need a amp there bit easier than a halfstack and loud enough for most situations.