OK........... I have a fender fm 212r amp and its supposed to be loud and mighty, which it is but at high volumes after about 10 minutes it cuts out, 30 seconds later it turns back on!!!!!! is there a way to fix it? is there a way someone else can fix it?


I have the exact same amp and at band practices i have it at 8-9 for like 2 hours and i havent had any problems how long have u had ur amp?
oh ive had mine for 2 years have u taken it apart and see if theres any loose connections? my friend is an electrician and i have him go through my amp every once in a while and fix anything so just do that maybe u need a new fuse if it even has one
ya i dont know i was going to take it to te local music shop but im not sure if they could do shit.....
and they would probably over charge you but you gotta admit that loud is ****ing LOUD lol wat kind of guitar are u using thru it?
NICE i have a epi les paul custom but ya just see if one of your friends or even your dad knows anything about electronics and tell them to look at it and just some advice before taking it apart take the speakers out first and make sure all the screws are out, dont ask i was drunk. and you shouldnt have much trouble
ya good luck and if u want an amazing amp and if that amp is toast i would suggest getting a fender hot rod deville 410 my friend has one and its a tube 60w and it sounds AMAZING and hes runnin a epi les paul standard so ur strat would sound amazing on that
and the wonderful thing about that amp is he got it for cheaper than mine and its louder the only disadvantage is it has 4 cheapy 10" jensens but they sound really spacy if you like a old rock sound so just some advice for ya
ok... i found the problem!! poor ventilation in the actual amplifier!! the guy told me to buy some computer fans and drill holes in the side of the amp and install so the hot air blows out...... we took the amp out of its casing and it didnt have any problems.. ill see if it works should start project soon!!