I've been thinking about getting a 9V powered amp so I can play without the outlet (Especially when the power goes out...you can only play so much on an acoustic). I'm not really after anything fancy...just something I can play on, but I don't want it to be "tone-less". I play metal/rock for the most part. What would you guys recommend?
check out smokey amps. they run on batteries i think

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VOX DA-5 runs on batteries or outlets.
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Microcube is great, I think the power adapter is 9v, though it runs on AA batteries (is it 4? or 8?).

yep, the power adapter is 9v, and it runs on 6 AA batteries
I have a Dean Markley Micro Amp and it's horrible, stay away from it. I've heard amazing things about the Roland MicroCube, though.
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