is it just me or did dimebag become a good guitarist after he died i dont remember anyone talkin about him until he died and after

p.s. not flaming dimebag or dissing him in anyway

no... he has always been amazing... read about him constantly in guitar world...
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Nah, his musical ability somehow plummeted when he died.

well that tends to happen when you kick the bucket
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He was always (In my opinion) a great guitarist, he did get a lot of attention after he died, more so than when he was living. Perhaps he was before your time or whatever the case is, he appeared in various guitar magazines throughout his life. But to answer your question, yes.
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I'll be honest; I wasn't a Pantera/Damageplan fan until after Dime's death. That happened when I was just getting into metal. They've since become my favorite band of all time.

it gets pretty annoying cos theyre just fanboys/girls. I was shown panter ages ago and loved them from start, read about dime constantly and watched a lot of videos of him playing.

Hes my favourite guitarist and my life inspiration, just read the tribute articles on wikipedia about how much of a great person he was. He was made very popular though by his death.

Atleast the guy who murdered him got what was coming. Shot gun blast point blank in the back of the head
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I used to like Pantera a few years ago, then I got into Damageplan. I just got bored after a while though. I never really thought much of Dime's skills. I guess I never gave him credit.