effin retarded technique
who cares how fast you play if you cant hear the notes being played.
It's called speed picking, and players like this guy make me hate music.
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I can hear the notes the thing is, if u try long and hard enough anyone can do this.

His fingers don't move much at all, they move up and down frets and strings but u keep ur fingers in the same position.

It's is good speed no doubt about that, but this is given more praise then it deserves.
that sounded like ass.
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that's called the shit technique...ok lame, but watever, that was horrible, that's not music, people like that should be banned from guitars, video cameras, and youtube
that sounded like he just took a dump on the strings
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its all noise hes sloppy as ****. speed doesnt equal talent people!!!
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sliding my left hand up and down the strings and picking whatever gives the same effect. give it a go and claim you're the best just like this completely disreputable man!
He does suck lol. I could probably do that or almost that. I've been playing for a year.
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That guy is freakin' terrible!
I like shred, and that guy is sloppy as hell..

Look up Rusty Cooley if you want good shred...
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It's one thing to play fast, Great. It's another thing to play fast, And stupid. Improper sweeping, Speed picking, Tapping all of your notes, Open-hold playing, It's nearly all the same. Half of the people that say " Well I can do this " are guitar players, Not guitarists. A song needs soul, Not skill. So says the Ol'boy!
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Even fast players know how to use proper note selection hang on a note ect... That was real bad
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what poo was that? I'm quicker than him and you can here my notes better and my technique I'm guna post a youtube vid as soon as I get a cam.
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sounds like computer games haha what s hit face he sucks woo i can chormatically go up and down the neck wooo step back
but fren that is not chromatics that is a minor scale built licks. player is not showing melody skill but just showing speed skill that matters fast players, if u can't play 240+ bpm dont watch that video
Thats too fast to enjoy, too fast to even hear?
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can anybody guess that tab?
Try my frens
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