What is the Simpul Spelling Moovmint? A new wave of grammar modifications to unite English speakers across the globe, whether be on or offline!

For years, primarily citizens of the US and UK have discussed (flamed) with one another about the spellings of certain words, such as Color/colour, program/programme, theater/theatre, etc. On words like these one could simply apply rules to individual words (It's not like English isn't muddled up enough anyway). By embracing phonetics, wars can be resolved. We're talking a losing conflict on either side here, folks. Two seperate dialects that adopt a word will never bend their rules.

For example:

Color/colour becomes: Cullir.
Program/programme becomes: program. (sorry, I worked it through my head many times, thats just the way it sounds.)
Theater/theatre becomes: Theuhtir.
Light becomes Lite* and Through becomes Thru*.

*Already popular in the US.

The list can go on and on. However, one question arises: Why? Why change distinct words into watered down versions of themselves? The advantages are listless:

1. Grammar nazis can loosen their rectal stick just a tad. That extra inch pulled out does wonders for your back!
2. Cultures can watch different culture's television without going 'wtf?'. Unfortunately, this only applies to the text of the show, not the content. Fear Factor is still disgusting.

Just to name a few. But these are largely offline, what about for the online English typer (if you can call it English most of the time, anyways) for the online forum?

For starters, any form of Your, You're, Youre', youre, ur, or Yur is now completely acceptable. We'll even put it in the dictionary, so when you are confronted you can finally commit vengeance by leaving the pretentious 'blank reply with only a link to 'www.dictionary.com' business. We can't let you do that with a link to google or wiki just yet, we have to start small.

The end result of this for the online user is to basically not make grammar an issue anymore, leaving everyone to freely debate actual topics, but never achieving any results because its a ****ing forum with a miniscule amount of users. Naturally, with 1 to 2 syllable words out of the way, the next target will be larger words. Bigger words are normally not seen nor written by the typical user, but in the instance of principle, we'll say this: No misspellings of big words allowed. Why no changes or leniency? With all the rules added, 1 to 2 syllable words are complete no-brainers now, and with more time to study big words equals better grasping of big words.

Enforcement of this can be handled by a simple tax.
Accidently flipping 2 letters: 50c (negotiable)
Leaving out the better part of a syllable: 1$ (not-negotiable)

Naturally, anyone who posts an incorrect form of 'definitely' will be taken out and shot.

Thats all for now, join the revolushun and mayk spelling eezeir forr all!
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Or, we can just all use the American way, because we we're using the language first.(sarcasm, dont kill me)
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I will shoot myself if this becomes the standard for writing the English language anywhere.
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but will it work with different accents?

colour, for example, i find to be pronouced more like cula.

still, i guess it means we can scrap english from the school system.
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we should all just communicate with our minds, develop little feelers or antennas at the end of our heads and forget this "spelling" bullshit
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[quote="'[T"]ANK']YAH RITE THIZ GUIY HAZ A GuUD I-D-ah. Long LIv thu lee-durr

I get the feeling that this guy is actually taking this seriously. Thoughts?
Is it a bad thing if one of your testicles is larger then the other two?
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I get the feeling that this guy is actually taking this seriously. Thoughts?

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[T]ANK I hate your sig

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