i learned most of the intro to highway to hell excepta few of the chords i play are different from the album version. is this bad? i can play it perfectly with no mistakes and even if i play up against the recording of it you cant tell much of a difference and it sounds good.
is this bad that i learned it a little different? is this some of my personal style coming out?
well if it sounds nice to you then its a good thing, yes u can say it's abit of your style thats showing but improvising is always good no matter how small it is
so i shouldnt be freaking out like "OMG IM PLAYING IT DIFFERENT EVEN THOUGH YOU CAN STILL RECOGNIZE IT!!!"? lol
If you're playing different chords then you're playing it wrong and your ears are fooling you, if you're just playing the same chords in different places then it doesn't really matter.

The intro to Highway to Hell only has 3 chords....there's not that much scope for improvising really.
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