Should I Make This Song Acoustic?
Or Should I Put A Piano in There?
Tell Me What You Think.

The feeling of love all in your hands
Oh sweet Baby
I’m still waiting for the right time
To see the Love rain down on me
Cause I can’t hold on
Cause nothing ain’t good enough
Except the things we say
Our own, Little love sounds always get away

Always Keep believing
Craving the taste of everything on you
Ever long It has been since I could do
What I wanted to make me smile
Kinda Hating the world were tainting
With all the Love Sound We keep making


Away from the sun I could see you
And its still takes me Away
To the place I never knew
Hold me please
So I can’t say no to you
Still hard to fall
In the same place we could be
See life escaping me
Its nothing I’d like to see
Holding me close
Is where I really wanna be

Oh Yeah...........We PLayed This One Before

Too Bad We HAve Dial-up.....We Could PLay This On A Vid....

Love Your Voice Bro