This is mainly a question for Schecter Omen 6 owners but all help is appreciated.

I was just wondering how much better my omen 6 would sound if i upgraded the pickups. Not at all, some or alot better. No specific pickup but im not on a budget.

P.S. My schecter is the extreme version which has slighly better pickups but there not that much better.

If it helps I play anything from soft rock and even a bit of blues now and again to metal
well, most of the sound quality comes from the amp, not the pickups. However, I do think that there are much better pickups out there to try. Since you like schecter (so do I) pick up a schecter c1-classic and try it out. If you like the sound, buy its pickups.

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This is a very good combination, sounds great for everything from blues up to metal.

I recommend this combo, but just head to a guitar store and try out guitars with different pickups. Buy whichever combo sounds best to you. Only way to tell if the difference is good enough for you, is to try it.
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SD 59/JB is a popular combo. Or also try the EMG 60/81, which provides slightly better cleans than the 85/81 combo. There are also several good Dimarzio combos.
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im not a fan of EMGs, a set of high output pickups will do just as fine

go for some SDs 59/JB (as suggested before) or go for some Dimarzio Evos