I want to play cleaner, i know practice is the way, but there is such thing as practicing wrong. Any Guidance? As in sweep technique, when i do it i muffle 1 or 2 notes, but it sounds correct. How Can I Get Pass This.
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just take it slow & make sure each note rings out cleanly & then gradually speed it up until u can do it without muffling anything
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Take it slow, with a metronome, preferably on a clean channel or unplugged. If you get that sounding good, you're good to go. Distortion only masks mistakes.
Playing clean has got to be one of the hardest things to perfect. Really, playing everything smoothly, with no buzzes or unwanted ringing is one of my top goals.
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As you are practising VERY slowly, pay attention to what everything is doing. How you want your fingers to move, where your pick is going, how you are going to shift positions, etc. Then replicate the perfect motions over and over, slowly.

You must concentrate.

After a time has passed of this concentrated intense practise, you will be MUCH better at whatever it is you set out to play.
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^ this man speaks the god honest truth. i sometimes spend more time a day practicing to get the perfect clean sound than i do actually jamming (and i've been playing for 10 years) the thing is to make the time you're practicing worth it and to not do anything half a$$ed.