Recently purchased NIB on ebay for around $100 and simply just wasn't what i was looking for. Took it out and plugged it in once then it went right back into the box. Looking to get. Open to any trades or offers. Will ship insured or can we can work out a pick-up. I live in the Lansing Area in michigan. Message me on here or @ drunktoad@hotmail.com. Here are the specs on the equipment:

The M Audio Fast Track USB is the easiest way to record your guitar with professional results for those of us who make music with GarageBand or other software recording programs. Fast Track USB has an instrument input for guitar, bass and keyboards, plus a mic input. The included GT Player Express software gives you killer effects so you don?t need any other gear to sound great, and plays audio files (AAC/MP3/WAV) that let jam along with your favorite music at variable speeds.

Today the studio is no longer a place, it?s a state of mind. M-Audio mobile audio solutions let you use your laptop or any USB- or FireWire-compatible computer to record and play audio whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Our mobile audio solutions offer a variety of configurations to suit every need-all with our legendary driver support spanning all popular operating systems and industry standards.


Ultimate mobility and simple connectivity for audio

Highest quality components, specifications and fidelity

Low driver latency

Software-controlled internal digital mixing and routing

Unequaled driver support and software compatibility

Easy to connect and use

Professional 24-bit/48kHz sound

Dynamic microphone input (XLR) with gain control and signal LEDs

Switchable instrument/line input (1/4 in.)

Stereo headphone output (1/8 in.)

Stereo output jacks (RCA)

Level control for headphones and main outputs

USB bus-powered

Compatible with GarageBand and most other music software

USB class compliant (OS X 10.3.5 and higher) for plug-and-play operation

Direct hardware monitoring for synchronized overdubs

Mono switch sends input signal equally to left and right channels

Includes GT Player Express software:

Professional effects

Guitar amp and stomp box modeling

Plays standard audio files with variable speed playback

Standalone operation, ReWire or VST plug-in

Cell phones. Pagers. Laptops. Your life is mobile - and now so is your music, thanks to M-Audio USB and FireWire audio interfaces. Now you can make music in a coffee shop, on a plane, at the beach or on a mountain top. Our mobile interfaces also totally blur the lines between the stage and the studio. With M-Audio, your studio's in your backpack.
Technical Info
Sample Rates: 44.1k and 48kHz

Microphone Input
Max Input: -2.2dBu (0.6 Vrms), min. gain

Signal to Noise Ratio: -100dB @ 48kHz (a-weighted), min. gain

Dynamic Range: 100dB @ 48kHz (a-weighted), min. gain

THD + N: 0.0053%, 1kHz, -1dBFS @ 48kHz, min. gain

Frequency Response: -0.12 / +0.08dB, 22Hz to 22kHz @ 48kHz, min. gain

Available Gain: 45 dB

Input Impedance: 1M Ohms

Input (Guitar setting)
Max Input: +3.2dBV (1.5 Vrms)

Signal to Noise Ratio: -97dB @ 48kHz (a-weighted)

Dynamic Range: 97dB @ 48kHz (a-weighted)

THD + N: 0.0049%, 1kHz, -1dBFS @ 48kHz

Frequency Response: -0.45 / +0.00dB, 22Hz to 22kHz @ 48kHz

Input Impedance: 500K Ohms

Input (Line setting)
Max Input: +2.3dBV (1.3 Vrms)

Signal to Noise Ratio: -98dB @ 48kHz (a-weighted)

Dynamic Range: 98dB @ 48kHz (a-weighted)

THD + N: 0.0045%, 1kHz, -1dBFS @ 48kHz

Frequency Response: -0.35 / +0.01 dB, 22Hz to 22kHz @ 48kHz

Input Impedance: 20K Ohms (bal.), 10K Ohms (unbal.)

Line Outputs
Max Output: +2dBV (1.2 Vrms)

Signal to Noise Ratio: -105dB @ 48kHz (a-weighted)

Dynamic Range: 105dB @ 48kHz (a-weighted)

THD + N: 0.0039%, 1kHz, -1dBFS @ 48kHz

Frequency Response: -0.15 / +0.03dB, 22Hz to 22kHz @ 48kHz

Crosstalk: -100dB, 1kHz, channel-to-channel

Output Impedance: 240 Ohms

Headphone Outputs
Max Output (@ 32-ohms): -2 dBV (0.8 Vrms)

Signal to Noise Ratio: -102dB @ 48kHz (a-weighted)

Dynamic Range: 102dB @ 48kHz (a-weighted)

THD + N: 0.0395%, 1kHz, -1dBFS @ 48kHz

Frequency Response: -0.20 / +0.05dB, 22Hz to 22kHz @ 48kHz

Crosstalk: -80dB, 1kHz, channel-to-channel

Output Impedance: Less than 1 Ohm

Headphone Impedance: 32 to 600 Ohms recommended



Kernel Streaming

Mac OS X Core Audio

PC Minimum System Requirements
Windows XP (SP1)

Pentium II 350 w/ 64MB RAM

MAC Minimum System Requirements
G3* 300MHz/G4* 350MHz

OS X 10.2.8 or greater, 128MB RAM

* native USB port required; G3/G4 accelerator cards not supported
looking for $80 - Paid $100 for it a day or so ago. Will accept any reasonable trades as well, I do need a practice amp - a distortion pedal - a reverb pedal - and a delay pedal & a whole bunch of other stuff that i could put some use to. Thanks
not really looking for a fuzz pedal - what i really need is like a practice amp that has a decent distortion and a reverb option on it. I really like those roland cubes - the little vox amps that have all those gadgets on em. Or i'd be willing to accept a practice amp with just the distortion on it + a reverb pedal. Something like that. Or just straight up cash for it, and i'll find my gear.
i'd love to man but i'm mostly a metal guy - so things that can kinda get a classic rock thing really don't serve any use to me ya know. thanks though
Really looking for a roland mini cube, if any one has one that there looking to get rid of let me know. i'll gladly trade this thing for it
i have a sub par computer - and basically it was making my processor work at near 100% the whole time (i've got a 1.6ghz celeron......) if you've got a computer that's above a 2ghz and isn't a celeron i can assure you that this is quite the little piece of equipment here.
heyy, i have a proco rat turbo, marshall GV-2 (distortion) and an ibanez DE-7 delay.

eh?! where are you located, by the way?
located in the lansing area - in the middle of the state kinda - I like those pedals, you wouldn't happen to have a reverb that your looking to get rid of do you? get back with me dude
nah.. i actually just sold my holy grail. i'd trade you 2 out of those three. keep in mind that the proco MAY NOT work with an adapter. Tried it with a universal supply, didn't work. DOES work with a 9 volt. MAY work with a proco brand adapter.

the other two are 100% functional. let me know.
right now im willing to offer any 1 or 2 of these items. i have a behringer v-II 15 watt amp, a digitech rp50, and an ibanez tube screamer.

the rp50 has reverb, but i dont know how to control it so that its only the reverb effect and not 2 differnt other effects or more. but theres like 80 differnt presets and you can make your own.
great bit of kit here if you use a good program (i like cubase) its a really nifty gizmo. great price too

good luck with the sell
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I have a boss DS-1 , CE-5 Chorus Ensemble, AW-2 Auto Wah. An Ibanez 22W amp. A no name short scale acoustic with nylon strings. And a bunch of guitar books.
Still Trying to trade this thing or sell it. First person that has a practice amp with some effects on it that include reverb and distortion (like a roland mini cube) gets it or $80. I've got paypal so i can accept credit cards. get ahold of me if your interested either on here or at drunktoad@hotmail.com
i have a behringer amp. more of a vintage tone though. would you be interested? i'd throw in an effect as well.
this is a great piece of equipment, my computer sucks - that's the only reason that i'm getting rid of it, $80 grabs it, or if you've got a practice amp with reverb and an overdrive/distortion thing let me know and it's yours