Is it hard to re-string a bass guitar? I really need to replace my strings that I've kept on my bass for a year, they dont sound too bad, but it seems like it's time it needs to be changed.

Thanks in advance.
:\ It shoudl work....

Meh, go down to a music shop and have them show you. It is ALOT easier to show you in person then to try and tell you over the internet.

And no they wont' charge you anything, unless they are greedy assholes... :\
careful if you are chaging string gauges, you made need adjustments to your set up..
I currently use RB45s (45, 65, 85, 105) and I intend to switch to Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys which my friend has and I like the cut through pop/punk sound.

I'm pretty sure the gauges are the same
Do indeed have the same guage, 45-105. My string set of choice.
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