Im lookin for a way to power my DIMEBAG MODEL CRYBAY WAH, ISP NOISE DECIMATOR, BOSS TU-2, & BOSS DD-6. I have very little knowledge about volts, ohmms, watts....i am also wondering what would be a good power conditioner to make sure my krankenstien is getting sufficient power.
Basically, what you need to know is the voltage (I'm pretty sure it's 9V for all those pedals, it should say so under the actual power supply input or something) and the amperes (that's the draw, right?). You need a power supply unit that is capable of more amperes (often measured as milliamperes, mA, when speaking about effects) than the total draw of all your pedals. The draw should also be mentioned under the power input of each pedal, in their manual, or on the manufactors website.

Hope that helps.

The 1SPOT unit that halfstacked linked to will power all of your pedals with ease. It's 1700mA, which is alot (regular power supplies, like Boss's, are usually around 200mA, and even then it's usually enough for small boards).
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