Poll: The best kind of chicken wings?
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Something wussy and mild
7 18%
20 50%
9 23%
4 10%
Voters: 40.
Am I the only person that thinks chicken wings are really awesome? Especially the really burn-y ones?
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Dude, they're totally awesome.

However, I'm a wuss.
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I've never seen a man eat so many chicken wings!

Peronsally, I like them just, normal.
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Spicy is the shiz'n
Extra hot buffalo wings for me!

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However, if we're being all grown up about this (in the pit?) walkingonspikes is dead on
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Am I the only person that thinks chicken wings are really awesome? Especially the really burn-y ones?

I dont know why you'd even say that, of course youre not the only one who thinks chicken wings are awesome. THEY ****ING RULE

(specially extra extra hot ones)
mild or else cause i cant handle the heat
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if you wanna eat the best wings in the world, come to Buffalo, go to a place called Duff's, and get a batch of the hot wings


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Chicken wings are awesome, in fact I'm eating some right now. Personally I believe the best chicken wings in buffalo are either at Teso's Pizza or at the Anchor Bar (home to the people who created em).
BBQ ones r good
Honey Soy ones r the best
i think they r Honey Soy anyway...
Gooby Pls.
I love really spicey hot wings,
but the cajun wings are very good as well.
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I'm vegetarian. I prefer not to eat parts of disembowled animals, thank you.

It's you're loss then, disembowled animals for the win. And I like normal because I think the heat takes away from the taste.