talk about the worst teachers you have ever had and your experiences with them...

or the besst
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Meh, I was kicking all these paper balls into a pile so I could pick them up easier, so we started arguing over the easist way to do it.

I love that guy. Everytime I have him we argue. (Relief.)
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there was once this girl
in my school
and she was like
'greenday is so punk'

and i was all
and punched her in the face.
cause i can do that
cause I know more about punk rock and stuff
This weird guy who spoke in 3rd person

we found a tampon in the draw of his desk
Some Guy?
Bad as in horrible teaching methods or just a bad person in general?

My geometry teacher last year. Old, crazy, and bi-polar.
My Circuits I professor in college. The guy would "lecture" for an hour about rockets and plumbing in Europe (I'm in America, **** yeah!). Really nice guy, but couldn't teach his way out of a bag. Oddly enough he was the Assistant Head of the department. Knows his shit, just can't teach it.

Ironically, I'm taking a break from studying for a Circuits 2 test now. it's 4am here. God I hate engineering.
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My old history teacher, complete lezboeneze. She wore a tux and had spiky hair. The dyke kept me in, because I hang out with the 'bad' kiddies but that day I sat with the 'good' kids. The supposedly 'good' kids weren't doing their work by taking down notes and leeched off my notes for this movie we watched. When lunch rolled around the corner, the whore kept me in.

I also broke my watch while having a detention of hers cause I was bored and was whacking my watch on the table, wouldn't of happened if she didn't keep me in.

My old history teacher was both awful and great at the same time. Caused many a laugh with his strange annunciations and gesticulations. My old maths teacher was the same. Must be something in the water.
My biology teacher my sophomore year was pretty wierd. His wife died of luekemia 15 or so years ago, and ever since then he just became wacked out. I feel bad for his loss, but everyday in class he would talk about "Sout Dak" or "The turkeys in the back yerd" or about how we're all gonna die in the year 2026.
my math teacher knew a lot about math, but couldn't explain it at all. subsequently, everyone in my class would fail college algebra.
well he isnt a teacher but nonetheless he is still a prick, we have this dude covering our drama group and he is gay (but thats not the point) and he thinks he owns the place by treating people differently to other people, and he has called me "an annoying brat" like 100000 times
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My science teacher is a really short German lady, she's really smart, but gets angry really easily. She also has a glass eye.
This dipshit is notorious around here for being a dumbfuck. He kept spouting bullshit and pronouncing the most basic words horribly wrong, while teaching next to nothing.
A creepy guy who had a weird shaking in his face. He always asked the quiestions 3 times before anyone was allowed to answer, if we did he ran out of the classroom calling ous brats and spoiled..
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My PE teacher who screams at me for everything I do and dosen't understand it if I don't enjoy/understand something. She's like that all the time and then tries to be sympathetic at some things. I gave up on doing PE for ages because of her.
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i once had this sub, who was from England. man he was a real douche bag. we wold say **** and he'd trip out and be like "thats immoral" and shit like that. started talkin about how the peace coor is easier, than the navy seals and marines combined and shit we were like wtf?!! then we started throwin paper balls at eachother and he started screaming and ran out of the classroom, and everyone laughed hella hard.
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Maths teacher was a clown, had a stupid voice an a hamster face. he couldn't control the class at all even the geeks were just messin about. People would skin up do drugs an stuff and he just sat there like a ****in mong. set 2 out of 10, 1 person left with a grade above C. i blame him for my shit job and ever declining lifestyle, im probably gonna sue him
Ah... and a couple of weeks ago I had a sub who had never worked in a secondary school before (was a primary school teacher). She excluded two people for talking.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
my science teacher; Mrs Potter, she has a test tube lodged up her anus.
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I had a science teacher in middle school who was ****ing strange. I can't help but feel a little sorry for him because he always got the the worst classes (like 50% of my class was perma-stoned and was just there to **** with him), but it was still funny as hell. He always looked really scared and was a quiet guy then he kinda started to snap. One day he spent a whole class talking about one time that he skydived and how brave he was, the next day he talked about reincarnation and how in the next life he wanted to come back as a song and dance man. 1 week later he freaked out in class. He just yelled "shut the **** up" and started choking this kid. He was sent away on "medical leave."
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