I think they don't care any more about spelling in Australia than they do in the US.
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Quote by phungar
I saw this strat on ebay and was like woah
i think im gonna get it but it dosne't have a humbuker witch is a real pisser but what do you guyz think like i play all kinds of music but i rekon it would be alright playing metal

get it if you have a budget! i would be happy if i have one...nothin`s that good as fender strat!!
i agree there is no chance you will get it for even close to that price. my strat cost me 2k second hand but it is bloody brilliant. i dont think i would ever buy a guitar off the net just because you have no idea what you are getting. every guitar is different and you will only know if you like it by trying it. but if the price stay down pretty low i would get it because its an american strat and will prob sound and feel ****ing great. i wish we didnt have to pay double the price americans do for good gear. at least we pay similar prices for marshalls.
joe_k: i wish we didnt have to pay double the price americans do for good gear.

Oh dude that sucks.