Hi guys! I have an Sign picture of AC/DC its an old picture sign by Angus,Brian, malcolm and phil but not cliff. Its an black and white picture from the back in black video. The color of the writing is black and blue. Im just wondering how much is this worth?
Nothing to anyone except fans. Autographs are a symbolic thing, not a materialistic thing.
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People pay a lot of money for autographed objects.. you could be in for quite a lot of money. Look on eBay for similar items and see yourself?
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Why The Hell Would U Wanna Sell It???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For money?

Not everyone would necessarily feel so attached to these sorts of things that they'd never sell them. I mean personally I would rather keep these things than sell them, but if I desperately needed the money I would probably do it.

Or maybe he doesn't necessarily want to sell it, just wants to know how much money he's got sitting there, y'know?
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No one would believe you anyway. Just keep it.
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^thats a brilliant call. *jots in notebook*
Im not gonna sell it i just wanna know whats its worth! Im a AC/DC collector got some really rare LP's.
Sweet, that'd be a lovely thing to have on the wall eh
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not too sure.

search google for people selling stuff like that, and get an idea of what it might be worth. i doubt anyone on UG is going to know offhand what a signed AC/DC picture is worth.

very cool though. id like to have that.