ok guys i read that if a guitar buzzes from the first 7 frets....it has to do sth with the trussrod......and i do has this problem...
the action isn't that low plus..the buzz is only from the first string e string
hers is a picture to make things clear:
the black thing is a screw.....and the that thing on it ( named truss rod ) is the thing that should be turned ??....but when i turn it ....the screw inside it does not turn with it....however the this thing comes out of the screw.....
ok, the last LAST LAST thing you want to do is **** about with your truss rod if you don't know what you're doing.

youe very well may have killed your guitar.

Take it to an expert NOW.
if the cap or top nut is popping off the rod, u may have a problem there.
not sure how much turning u did before posting, hopefully not much.

what type of guitar is it. and yes please stop turning it.

some Nuts are "outties" look like a bullet. like in ur pic.
most are "innies" where u cant see the nut rim very well and are inserting the wrench into a hole, with the nut recessed into it.

if u started out with a recessed nut and are saying that the nut cap popped out, then it sounds like u snapped somehting.

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you really only need a quarter to half a turn to fix most problems. sounds like you may have gone too far.
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