Hi, Just started learning guitar about a month ago. Got a pretty good teaching
DVD (peter finlays highly recommended) but I've hit my first real problem.
One of the songs he teaches is Run to you by Bryan Adams. It requires
you to hold one string whilst playing others around it. Unfortunately whilst
holding the fifth string with my index finger i seem to be touching the
fourth string so that when I pluck the 4th open it makes a horrible muted
duff sound. Can anyone out there help? My fingers arent that fat by the
way I just seem to be doing something wrong with my fingering. Any tips guys?
Would be mucho appreciated. Great website by the way. Keep up the good work
Ok here is the classical approach I think, you probably havn't got your thumb behind the middle of the neck.
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Don't know 'bout the thumb placement thingy bpazolli told you, but it might help.. My solution to the problem was just to feel around with my fingers, until I found a way of holding my finger on the string, and not muting the others around it. I just bend it a bit upwards, sort of... Try out whatever feels best for you, you'll get it pretty soon.
Arch your fingers more, hold the strings with the tips of you fingers as much as possible. When calisis start to form on your fingers they should be on the tips or your doing something wrong.
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make sure you're using the tip of your finger and not the pad, using the tip means your finger is pointing directly onto the fret board, so you'll be less likely to touch strings you don't want to
Okay, when I started I had that problem too. But then I bent my fingers in a way, not trying to mute the other strings buy bending just the tip of your fingers downward to the guitar neck and pressing on the fret you want, and I tried to get used to it everytime I strike a chord, and now I got the hang of it and I can play fast arpeggios in solos lol (but not that good, my right hand doesn't like arpeggios )
hold your middle finger against your thumb (in a way that you would grab a bar or anything cylindrical) so that your hand makes a circle. Notice how its the tip of your middle finger that is touching, now apply that concept to the neck of the guitar, the only thing that should ever touch the strings is the skin just below your finger nails... it will hurt, for about a month it will hurt... but if your fingertips are bleeding your doing it right! practice by doing some bar chords, for instance try this

Wow what a fast response. Thx a lot guys. I will try all of those suggestions. I'm
sure I'll get there in the end. I knew it wasnt just fat finger syndrome!