Hey all, just a little somethin ive been working on for a few days, i think its got a cool testament/exodus type feel to it, any suggestions on improvements etc are very welcome, and if you crit my piece i'll definatly crit yours
No World Order-Dead Kings Rise.zip
Interlude sounded off/ out of key maybe substitute a few different chords in there but the rest of the riffs were killer, especially the pre chorus i think it was? it was very megadeth style and the rest of the riffs were great, the solo was pure shred but it had nice little melodies here and there you certainly know how to write solos, my only gripe was that interlude at the beginning it just sounded really off, sort that out and your onto a winner, i turned teh vox of to hear the guitar work so i dont know how the melodies are in that but overall good shit man.

have a look at mine if you get the chance,

wow that was very testement style, everything down to the drums reminded me of that whole genra. the only thing I can really help you with is that some of the riffs started to boar me. add some in there more stuff like your post chorus would definitly make it sound less repetitive. The solo was nice to

Over all i enjoyed this about as much as my least fav. testament song, its got a lot of potential though man so keep working with it. I love your title though its very 80s thrash like
very Testament, well done.
The intro riff was great, but the bar before the drums entered, it didn't sound like it was ready to move on if you know what i mean, the note at the end sounded like it was being cut off to early.
Intro lead: simple, i liked it, it did sound quite the oddity though...but then again, it does sound great.
Intro Pt 2: Great riff, but again, last note before the Verse sounds like it was cut off too early. Other than that, excellent.
Verse: great! i loved it. No quips here.
Interlude: Nice, i see the Exodus in this riff, nice contrast with the other riffs.
PreChorus: awesome riff again, i really enjoyed that, but again (i know) the end chord...
Chorus: some notes sound a bit off key with the vocals, but Great nontheless.
PostChorus: Again, amazing riff. The only thing i'd say is that in bar 104, instead of repeating it again, maybe make a different lead part for it, maybe something simple like a run up the neck?
Presolo: i wasn't a fan of it tbh, but i'm picky on these kind of riffs, so i can't really comment here.
Solo: Shred! I loved this. But, maybe in bar 130, don't end the bar on a B! , it just sounded quite unsettling to me. Apart from that, awesome!
Solo 2: Whilst it sounded great, there was nothing in there that really stood out tbh. No real originality in it IMO.
Outro: Very Exodus-y ending, i liked that.

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Intro riff is imense. I found it sets the mood for the rest of the song, and catches the listener's ear from the start. There was some parts about it (maybe the scale you used for the leads) that reminded me of Creeping Death by Metallica a little bit. The best bit for me was the post chorus, i thought the song really needed a faster bit like that, a real sort of headbang riff, as the rest seems a bit slow. The solos were ok, but nothing special if you know what i mean. Overall 7/10. Enjoyable piece, but could have better solos.

ps. thanks a lot for the crit of my song
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Great song. Parts i found especially cool were the double time parts starting with that post chorus. The guitar work is cool and all the instruments compliment eachother. My only complaint/suggestion would be to edit the vocal melody. I switched through a bunch of different instruments, but nothing seemed to sound right. I don't know how the melody sounds when its actually being sung but it isn't doing anything for me at the moment. Maybe something more melodic? I don't know. It is just a thing of preference i guess. Anyway, I'm rambling now. Have any other songs?
Hey thanks for the crits people, very much appreciated.

Sarcasmo-i can see what your saying about the vocal melody, if im honest its only a really basic guideline for moulding lyrics round, it'll get edited and changed when the final lyrical draft is completed, and yes more songs should be coming soon, look forward to hearing people's opinions when i post some more!