A while ago I called my local music store and asked if they had anything with a floyd rose. He said he has a Yamaha here. So yesterday I was at the shop and played it and found it very easy to play and the floyd rose worked well. This guy who owns the shop says pay cash and no tax and gives you really good deals on everything. So he said $200 for it and were like, well were going out of town we will think about it for when we get back. Before we leave he said $175 for it. He says its a very exspansive and good guitar. Does anyone know if it is? My father is gone to get it because he doesn't want to pass a deal up like this, suppose its a good guitar. So does ayone own one? He says its liek 14 years old but it doesn't look it, its in good condition. Thanks.. Long read though ^^.. Lol
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hmm... I think I was looking at this particular Yamaha when I was searching for
a guitar that has a Floyd or atleast a Double Locking Trem...

I think the trem is a TRS-Pro? if so I think it'll last you...
to be honest I have a TRS-101 which came 2nd hand and still has the goodies
for a used and abused Licenced Floyd... (the Floyd have been almost 4 - 5 yrs and still
holds tuning well when properly set up)

but if you can go used then I'd say go for an RG5++/6++ or even 7++