I have a classic blue voodoo crate and i need to know when to change my tubes? and wen to change the batterys for active pickups
Like i guess the sings? or wutever

helps me out please
Use your ears. You'll seriously be able to tell when something needs changing.
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Batteries: whenever the sound gets weak. usually its a few months if you play it like every day. just make sure you leave it unplugged when you're not using it.
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generally, with average playing, power tubes will last 1-2 years before the sound suffers, preamp tubes last twice as long usually. You should be able to hear it, the sound should be an indicator. The same holds true with actives, you can hear them start to go. I've found the batteries will last betweem 6-12 months with consistent use, assuming you unplug the cord when you are done. EMG has a formula for calculating battery life depending how many actives you are using.
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The Specs Page includes current requirements and estimated battery life for each model. Generally, each pickup requires about 80 microamps (uA), except for the Vintage Series pickups which require 220 uA each. EQ circuit requirements vary widely but are higher than pickups.

For your reference, a standard 9 volt alkaline battery provides 580 milliAmpHours (mAh) of power. That means that it will provide 580 milliAmps for 1 hour or 1 milliamp for 580 hours. There are 1000 uA per mA. You can figure the approximate battery life of any setup by adding up the individual power requirements, then dividing 580,000 by this total. Here's an example:

1 - EMG-81 = 80 uA
2 - EMG-SV = 220 uA*2 = 440 uA
1 - EXG = 410 uA
Total required = 930 uA

Total life = 580,000 uAh/
930 uA = 623 hours
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^ I was just gonna say he'd be able to tell.

about a year or two on power tubes, and 3 or for on pre-amp tubes.

the batterty should last a year or so.

(this is estimating you play, on average, an hour a day).
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i think the year or two on power tubes is cutting it a little short (unless you buy new tubes, which is kind of pointless since NOS tubes arent much more expensive and tend to last twice as long depending on what brand/type you get)
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^ Mine last a lot longer that that, just because i hardly have time to play, ever. maybe not at all to an hour a week, max.

but if you play about an hour a day, moderate volume, i think you'd be able to get about 2, maybe 2 1/2 years max.
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consider anything derek suggests, He IS a gain VVhore you know
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